KMFDM Killustrations XMAS Tee - RARE!

KMFDM Killustrations XMAS Tee - BLACK

KMFDM is pleased to release a commissioned, Limited Edition tee with artwork from Killustrations! From time to time, you will see items featuring commissions from artists we believe in whose æsthetic we love. Killustrations is an award-winning design studio, founded and operated by German artist Björn Gooßes. Primarily working in the field of digital compositing, Killustrations uses a variety of techniques to create unique imagery between playful surrealism and colorful morbidity. Killustrations' interdisciplinary works range from music album and apparel artwork to logotype design, photography and basically everything else in the sphere of graphic art. For more info on Killustrations, please see their Website or Facebook Page

100% pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton