HAU RUCK Compact Disc - NEW!!!
HAU RUCK Compact Disc - NEW!!!
HAU RUCK Compact Disc - NEW!!!
HAU RUCK Compact Disc - NEW!!!



While touring in support of 2003's WWIII, band leader Sascha Konietzko discussed the group's plans for the next album: "What we can all agree on, and I'm not saying we disagree on any other things, but everybody was pointing out that it should be really different. There are terms floating around such as, 'More noisy, more dance-y, more electronic and less butt rock."

The album had originally been titled FUBAR, in reference to the military acronym standing for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Repair". However, in June 2005 the band announced they were abandoning that title, and on July 21, 2005, they announced the new title would be Hau Ruck, German for "heave-ho".

As for the singing on this album, Lucia unleases a spectrum of vocal styles and Sascha K spews his own trademark, ''bad-ass'' attitude. Lyrically thought provoking, yet humorously ironic, KMFDM skewer the world and themselves with each stab. Throwing out all misconceptions of the band and the genres they are associated with, this is the most powerful and innovative album that KMFDM has ever created. KMFDM produced and mixed the album themselves and were even involved in the mastering process guaranteeing a sonic redefining of their signature sound. From the spoken introduction of the album to the closing track, KMFDM show exactly what some hard work can accomplish.

Hau Ruck is the first KMFDM album without a five-letter word title since 1988's "Don't Blow Your Top".

Track Listing:

01. Free Your Hate
02. Hau Ruck
03. You're No Good
04. New American Century
05. Real Thing
06. Every Day's a Good Day
07. Mini Mini Mini
08. Professional Killer
09. Feed Our Fame
10. Ready to Blow
11. Auf Wiedersehen

Artwork By [Cover] – Brute!
Bass – Jules Hodgson
Drums – Andy Selway
Engineer – Jules Hodgson, Sascha Konietzko
Guitar – Jules Hodgson, Steve White
Layout – Justin Gammon
Mastered By – Brian Gardner
Photography [Sascha & Lucia] – Karen Moskowitz
Programmed By – Andy Selway, Jules Hodgson, Steve White
Recorded By, Producer, Mixed By – KMFDM
Synthesizer [Analog], Sequenced By – Sascha Konietzko
Vocals, Lyrics By – Lucia Cifarelli, Sascha Konietzko
Written-By, Composed By – KMFDM (tracks: 1 to 6, 8 to 11)