Morlocks - The Outlaw Of Fives CD


Morlocks - The Outlaw Of Fives CD
1. Yet Unnamed Intro
2. Midnight Report
3. Lover/Enemy
4. Non Trigger Man (V 3.0 Juggernaut Mix)
5. The Grand Dividing Theory (Part 1)
6. The Grand Dividing Theory (Part 2)
7. Happy Day In Zombietown
8. Man Of God
9. Whistling In The Dark
10. The Conflict Synthesis
11. Consecration

CD comes in full color digipack with 8 page full color booklet containing artwork, lyrics, credits and band photo.

This band is a personal up & coming favorite of Sascha K's.
Morlocks have done a remix of "Krank" for KMFDM’s new single, Amnesia!

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