Human Factors Lab - Pap3r CD


Human Factors Lab - Pap3r CD
1. The Art Of Suicide
2. Dinner With Renee (Crossbreed Remix)
3. Adam And Eve (KMFDM Remix)
4. Humanized (KY Diety Remix)
5. Leaches (Team Cybergiest Remix)
6. Dead Heroes (Lunatic Candy Kreep Remix)
7. Broken Toy (16 Volt Remix)
8. Dinner With Renee (RGee Remix)
9. Humanized (Curse Mackey Remix)
10. Dead Heroes (Sinscape Remix)
11. Broken Toy (AbSynthe Remix)
12. Adam And Eve (Kuzmark Remix)
13. Dead Heroes (Ballistic Buddah Remix)
14. Broken Toy (Cynergy 67 Remix)
15. Leaches (Bile Remix)

KMFDM tourmates Human Factors Lab gather an impressive list of remixers for Pap3r, the companion album to their debut release. Pap3r features a remix by KMFDM.

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