Excessive Force - Conquer Your World CD


Excessive Force - Conquer Your World CD
1. Conquer Your House II
2. Conquer Your World
3. Blow Your House Down
4. To Death II
5. Ride The Bomb
6. We Like War
7. Worship Me
8. Finger On The Trigger
9. Conquer Your House III
10. Conquer Your House
11. To Death
12. Stupid Man

This Classic KMFDM Side Project Re-release has been Digitally Remastered and includes an all new 16 page Deluxe Booklet featuring an updated design. The booklet reprints the original album and single art inside along with extensive liner notes, never before printed lyrics for each song, previously unavailable complete recording information and never before released photos of Excessive Force. Additionally, this ultimate version of Conquer Your World has 3 extra tracks, they are all of the songs from the Conquer Your House single.

This Excessive Force release is Sascha K. of KMFDM and Buzz McCoy of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult featuring Jacky Blacque of The Bomb Gang Girls.